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Retreat Events

We run holistic wellness weekends held bi-annually in October and March. There are four separate events catered exclusively to the individual needs of each group as follows:

  • Male veterans and first responders

  • Female veterans and first responders

  • Carers of veterans and first responders (partners, parents, adult children) 
    (these are partner, friend and child free events, exclusive to the individual group only)

  • Kids of veterans and first responders (single day event only)

We also run an annual wellness weekend event open to the whole family where you can come and see what we have to offer, find what resonates with you and "try before you buy" 😊


Keep updated here or on Facebook with our upcoming events.


Did you also know you can host events at our venue? Feel free to contact us with the details, we look forward to working together with like-minded people, organisations and groups.

What's On...
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