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Veterans Retreat is home to a wonderful array of Farm Animals. These include Horses, Ponies, a Donkey, Sheep, Cows and Poultry. Each of them requires their own unique level of care and have their own quirky personality. We have created individual teams so you get a personalised opportunity to connect with and contribute to these animals on a daily basis. Your sponsorship also goes towards to the day to day running and maintenance of Veterans Retreat for you and these animals to enjoy.

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Team Daisy

TEAM DAISY Corporate Sponsor Standown Park Daisy is a rideable thoroughbred mare born on 2 Nov 2010. She had 14 race sand no wins, so certainly isn't a leader, unless food is involved. She stands 16hh and was donated by a veteran and moved here from Canberra in early 2020, which was made possible by generous donations.

Team Checkers

TEAM CHECKERS Corporate Sponsor Van Cotter Partners Checkers is a rideable thorough bred gelding born on 8 Oct 2009 who never made it to the race track. He stands a whopping 17hh and knows his size so can be a little cheeky. He suffers from mud fever on his legs so needs a dry paddock and a little extra care and monitoring.

Team Matilda

TEAM MATILDA Corporate Sponsor Way Out Back Matilda (or Tilly as I call her) is a Welara (welsh arab cross) mare who is approx. 3-4 years old. She is broken in, but needs time under saddle before being ridden. She stands approx. 13hh, knows her name and comes running when called.

Team Narla

TEAM NARLA Corporate Sponsor Ironside Coffee Co Narla is a rideable standardbred mare and ex harness racing horse who won$36K on the track. She stands approx. 15.3hh and is approx. 16 years old. She was saved from the doggers in 2019 and her name, given by a volunteer, means "happy" in Kiwi.

Team Sunny

TEAM SUNNY Corporate Sponsor The Local Graze Sunny is a pure bred waler (theAustralian war horse) mare born on 2Sep 2017. She is planned to be sent away and broken in during 2020 to be come a riding horse. She stands approx. 14.2h, has the most placid, gentle nature and loves a cuddle.

Team Donkey

TEAM DONKEY Corporate Sponsor Agents2Go Donkey is currently an unnamed jack (but Simpson seems to be the popular choice). His birthday is 4 Feb 2019 and his job is to be a herd guardian for the sheep, protecting them from wild dogs. Seems he has taken a liking to Jess, but shake a bucket of pellets and he will come running.

Team Ponies

TEAM PONIES Corporate Sponsor The MadHatter & Co Catering & Events Team Ponies is made up of Jess, an over 25 year old brown woollyShetland and Vanilla Ice Cream a 19year old palomino triple registered miniature pony crossed Shetland.

Team Sheep

TEAM SHEEP Corporate Sponsor Aussie Veterans Coffee Co We have a small flock of pure bred black face suffolk sheep (with ties to the EKKA) plus one token white girl called cuddles. Number 21is a crowd favourite and always stops for a cuddle and kiss (she loves it)


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