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Farm Activities

Our key focus is on meaningful engagement, we want you to be able to decide how you spend your time here, but assisting with the running of the property can help give you a sense of purpose, achievement and worth. This will assist you to become self-sufficient physically, emotionally, mentally and socially by encouraging involvement in activities. We also provide care, accommodation and camping grounds to utilise for treatment, recovery, peace and enjoyment to further assist with your rehabilitation.

There are a number of activities you can do whilst visiting with us, some are entirely up to your own imagination, but if you cant think of anything here are a few we offer. 

Animal Therapy

Animals are known to aid in improving your overall mental health. You can feed, pat and admire all of the animals plus more (all additional activities are subject to timing and animal welfare needs).

  • Sheep - depending on the timing you may be able to assist with drafting, shearing, recording, tail docking, weathering, hoof trimming and more

  • Horses - under the supervision of an experienced handler you can groom and handle the horses

  • Cows - go down and say g'day in the paddock, they are super friendly

  • Chickens - they come when called and all have their own personalities, but be warned, if you leave your camp chair out overnight they have been known to lay eggs in them, now that's what you call breakfast in bed!


Whether you fancy a quiet walk, personal meditation, a work out in the gym, kayak on the dam, exploring the creek, roasting marshmallows on the fire, or even a dip in the pool we have you covered.

Farm Work

There is always something to be done from collecting firewood, to gardening, fencing (fencing and more fencing), water management, weeding, manure collection. There is a whiteboard located in the common room that gets checked and updated daily. If you are keen to get your hands dirty, please see your host for further information.


There are plenty of games for you or your kids to enjoy which are available in and around the common area. Not only do we have the usual outdoor ball games, board games and cards, but we also have GIANT jenga, naughts and crosses, dominoes, connect four and pick up sticks. The kids (and big kids) will absolutely love them.

Kids at Playground
Events & Opportunities

We run various wellness retreats and events throughout the year and run regular volunteering activities, details of these can be found on Facebook and our website. If you have an idea or want to see something specific we would love to hear from you, so send us a PM or email. 

Daily Activities

Also located on the whiteboard in the common area is a list of daily activities that need to be completed, if you would like to participate please see your host.

Things to do/see

Gympie is known as “the town that saved Queensland” when gold was discovered by James Nash in 1867, who originally named the town “Nashville”. There are so many things to see and do in and around our region.  Here are a few of the popular ones and some of my favorites.

A Google search will provide you with even more information and there is also a local information office on the right-hand side of the road as you enter Gympie. Here is an excellent website to have a look

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