Veteran’s Retreat is a registered charity care farm run by 20 year Army veteran Kylie and her young family. The retreat is open to all serving members, veterans, first responders and their families/carers. We offer day visits, overnight accommodation, animal therapy and more. 


Our key focus is on meaningful engagement


Re-charge, Re-connect, Re-focus

Veteran’s Retreat has been established to provide relief and assistance to current and former servicemen and women of the Defence Force and emergency services, veterans, first responders and their families and carers (Veterans) by operating a retreat facility to provide a place of treatment, solace and recreation to assist in the treatment of and recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder and other disabilities arising from their service to Australia.


I feel that it is important to note that the term Veteran does not solely relate to someone who has deployed while serving in the Defence Force. Indeed, many serving and ex-serving members provided selfless and distinguished service to the country between wars and in times of peace. Here at Veteran’s Retreat, we acknowledge and embrace all Veterans from one day of service and beyond.


Tranquil & Grounded

Veteran’s Retreat will endeavour to achieve this object by;

  • Providing care, accommodation and camping grounds for Veterans to utilise for treatment, recovery, peace and enjoyment to further assist with their rehabilitation;

  • Providing relief accommodation for Veterans to utilise in a time of need;

  • Assisting Veterans with physical and psychological conditions arising from their service to Australia;

  • Assisting Veterans to become self-sufficient physically, emotionally, mentally and socially by encouraging involvement in activities such as;

    • psychological support and counselling;

    • animal therapy;

    • art therapy;

    • animal husbandry;

    • wellness activities such as yoga, aqua therapy, mindfulness, meditation,

    • gardening;

  • Create, sponsor or act as trustee for other organisations or funds having objects similar to those of the Company and that prohibit the distribution of their income and property amongst Members to an extent at least as great as that imposed on this Company;

  • Provide money, property, services or benefits to other organisations or funds:

    • having objects similar to those of the Company;

    • that are Deductible Gift Recipients; and

    • that prohibit the distribution of their income and property amongst Members to an extent at least as great as that imposed on this Company;

  • Seek donations and funding from the public and all levels of government to support the activities of the Company; and

  • Do all things that further, are in aid of, or are ancillary or incidental to any of the Company’s objects.


To one day truly believe

I will do this through the execution of our vision, implementation of our objectives and sheer personal determination to not let another mate suffer alone.

I can do anything, but I can’t do everything so please join me and help in anyway you can through corporate sponsorship, volunteering or donations.

“A massive thanks to Kylie for having us at the veterans retreat last night. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and loved getting up close to some of the beautiful animals. Looking forward to staying again in the future.”

Kylie you deserve support! You have worked hard to be the positive woman you are. I love your energetic lifestyle and have seen at first hand the support you give to your fellow Veterans and the local Gympie community groups. Wow, a beautiful woman with a big heart and a wonderful mother to two beautiful kids. Your offer for Veterans to make use of the Retreat is thoughtful and generous. The 40 acre Veterans Retreat is a place which will heal Veterans. Thank you. 

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